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14th September 2012.

Show your Vagina

No, this isn't a request from me :-) Show your Vagina is a website I heard being mentioned one day whilst listening to the radio. It has been reported that more and more females are undergoing genital surgery to reduce labia size. It appears that the porn industry not only leaves men feeling that they have inadequate penis size, but also leaves many females feeling that their labia doesn't look normal.


Show your vagina is run by a female who herself felt unconfortable about how she looked and thought it would be a good idea to have a place where everyday normal girls could post photos of their vaginas. The result is that all different types of vagina are shown here and that any females who feel insecure about how they look are re-assured that they are perfectly normal. Click here, or on the photo below to visit the website.

From a male point of view, I like all shapes of labia just the way they are. They form a large part of the mystery, character and individuality of the vagina.


Show your


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