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4th September 2012.

Nude male vulnerability and female empowerment

When people refer to the nude male as being vulnerable, then it may at first be thought of as something physical. However, other than being more prone to feeling cold, then there isn't much of a physical threat.
The vulnerability is much more relating to a psychological vulnerability he experiences due to the exposure of parts of his body which are intimate to him.

The Male is renowned for sensitivity and self consciousness over his penis. It represents his masculinity, sexuality and not to forget that all important size hang up. When he is exposed by photograph, the female is offered much more than just a fleeting glance. She can study the photos for as long as she wishes, observing all the little features and details of his genitals which are very specific and personal to him. Perhaps this has little relevance in the impersonal world of the internet, but when communication is possible between them, then a level of vulnerability exists for the male due to the very one sided way in which he has allowed the female to view him. He now faces the female in the knowledge that she has viewed most initimate and private parts of his body and can be judgemental of him if she wishes.

The female empowerment from this male vulnerability is probably more accurately stated as being an increased confidence. From my experience of correspondence with females who have viewed the website, seeing me fully nude appears to break down many of the barriers that would normally prevent the female directly approaching the male on the subject of his penis. With all being revealed to her in such a one sided way, she realises that any male ego has gone with the clothes, and that the door is open for her to look, comment, or question as she wishes. I think some also enjoy playing on the vulnerabilities that this situation introduces. Perhaps this type of interaction is just what is needed to make the male nude more interesting for the female.

As before, any comments on the above, feel free to contact me at


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